We believe in 'Slow Fashion' with each design taking months in the sampling process to bring you a durable, lasting and a quality product.

We want your Seakiss to be an investment garment to last you more than one season, and now with the ease to pay in installments... now what's to stop you from throwing in your fave designs in the cart? 


Seakiss is just about to launch its first designs made from recycled plastic bottles!

‘In my years of surf travel I was completely shocked to find the paradise islands and destinations I had dreamt of visiting were inundated with a common problem: rubbish. In particular plastic bottles. Used once and then discarded to never break down. Dominating landfill, ending up on pristine beaches, floating in clusters like countries offshore or killing precious ocean life. Recycled fabric is a small step in helping to repurpose plastics so they serve for more than one use.

The fabric quality is still soft and ultra durable and all the custom prints transfer well. The result is gorgeous swimwear with a conscience.’'

Rachael Sherriff  - Seakiss Designer


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