Original Designs



Our tops are designed for high-intensity water wear. With built-in padding, all created to take pressure from the back of the neck, customized prints & fashion driven designs. Highly durable and made with very best materials. 

Our bottoms are customized with drawstrings and are designed to stay on in intense water sports. But let's face it not all our mermaids are active, so as well function, we put a lot of thought into making your Seakiss on-trend & classic to see you through a few seasons!

We do small batch orders of our specifically designed swimwear. This means every Seakiss is limited edition, with unique styles released in small collections.

So jump in & get what remains of our hottest selling swimwear.


$145.00 AUD


$145.00 AUD


$145.00 AUD

'Evening Flock'

$45.00 AUD $44.50 AUD


$45.00 AUD $27.50 AUD

'Night Rider'

$50.00 AUD $44.50 AUD

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