Custom & Eco Beachwear

The textile industry is now one of the biggest contributors to landfill. To combat and help make our fashion footprint a little smaller we have created a unique concept:  

Custom printed, made to order T-shirts and eco friendly shopping bags & totes (yes let's all say no to single use plastics!). 

What does this mean? It enables us to stop contributing to 'fast fashion' and helps us not buy items unnecessarily in bulk.

All we ask is for you to give us an extra week to make your items and then we will ship as normal!

This means you are helping  the ENVIRONMENT with every purchase :) We think it's a small step but crucial in rethinking fashion industry production! It also enables us to deliver a big variety of sizes and styles. So get shopping with a clear conscience! 

All our prints and designs are custom made by Seakiss.


$39.95 AUD


$39.95 AUD


$39.95 AUD


$39.95 AUD

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